Hi I'm Logan. I'm a musician living in Los Angeles from Salt Lake City, UT.

-Bands that I'm doing now: Similar Fashion; Bright Whistles; FunCoffin; It Lo; Flowers on Loan; Desert Magic; Jerry Paper, and solo performances.

-I love to sing and play: alto and soprano saxophone, drums, fretless Stichter banjo, portable pump organ, guitar, bass, and flute.

-Some recent albums I've made: It Lo, Variety Show (Wellness Association of Los Angeles, 2016) and Logan Hone's Similar Fashion (pfMentum, 2015).

-I've also performed/recorded with Joshua Payne Orchestra, The Industry, Lucky Dragons, Patrick Staff, Bat Manors, and a bunch of other really wonderful musicians and bands.

-I grew up in Sacramento, CA (1992-2005), then I moved to South Jordan, UT (a suburb of Salt Lake City). I went to Snow College in Ephraim, UT (2010-2014) and then moved to Los Angeles to finish my bachelor's degree at CalArts (2014-2015). Ever since, I've been playing a lot of music + touring.

-I started playing piano (age 10) and then drums (age 11) which is when I got really excited about jazz. I started saxophone at age 12, which I studied seriously throughout highschool and college and along the way started playing other instruments.

-I've been really fortunate to teach masterclasses at schools including: USC, University of Utah, University of Reno, Snow College, College of Southern Idaho, and numerous highschools.

-I am really excited about archiving and am trying to upload all of my scores onto this website. If there is anything you are interested in seeing, let me know!

EPK here


a mostly irreverent romp full of chaotic sounds deftly organized by HoneLA Weekly

boldness, irreverence and humor enough.All About Jazz

Unpredictable, joyous experimentation.Impose Magazine

Bravo for something so familiar and yet so beautifully strange. Refreshing. It gives me hope for new sounds.KFJC

Nate Wooley's Best Albums of 2015

Vincenzo Roggero's Best of 2016 — All About Jazz

The band sounds like they are getting ready to be the soundtrack for an animation film festival, or at least a Warner Brothers Saturday morning matinee.Jazz Weekly

There is an underlying feeling of humor that runs through this disc as well as some crafty writing which makes this much easier to swallow than much of the more noisy or more complex music that I music often review. That breath of fresh air certainly does feel good. I always dig music that is impossible to pigeonhole yet remains compelling in unexpected ways.Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Bright Whistles delivered one of the most inspiring local shows I'd ever seen last year, obliterating genre lines in an explosion of creative energy.Herald Extra

He’s a jazz musician, but his sound has a great deal of indie rock thrown into the mix, and he thrives on blurring musical genres.

Bright Whistles is like...what an OK GO music video would sound like if the video itself were transformed into audio that reflected the clever, enthusiastic, enigmatic visuals. In other words, it’s pretty rad.Independent Clauses