Avant rollercoaster jazz-n-roll with Lauren Baba, Gregory Uhlmann, and Jesse Quebbeman-Turley. We have a new album coming out on Feb 16 along with a 2-week West Coast Tour!


A band with Jesse Quebbeman-Turley and Luke Williams. Lately we've been making weirdo pop songs, fun avant jams, and Bright Whistles Trading Cards.


A collab with it foot, it ears (Jason Rabb + Nick Foster).

Community Band

Community Band meets on Sundays in Los Angeles. Everyone is invited to come play! All skill levels encouraged to participate. Email me for details at

Flowers on Loan

A band with Owen Stewart-Robertson & Jesse Quebbeman-Turley that did a western US tour in May & June 2017. We are working on a new album.


Film scoring with Luke Williams and Jesse Quebbeman-Turley


A cosmic folk band led by Alex Wand with Steven Van Betten and myself. We sing lots of rounds and also made a solar system sonification piece called Dance of the Planets.


A band formed in 2013 with Christian Asplund, Aaron McMurray, & Jesse Quebbeman-Turley. Stuart Wheeler and Robert Willes joined the band at different times and for the last few years it's been a rotating ensemble. We have recorded 3 albums (the 3rd to be released sometime soon?) and play whenever we can get together. When I lived in Utah, we put on a weekly/then bi-weekly series called AVANT GARAWGE. An archive of footage of the series is stored here.

Also in Utah, I started Deseret Experimental Opera Company with some friends. Between 2013-2014, I made some pieces called: Strawberries in the Hive, Parking Lot for Hyacinths, and Hibernation, and helped out with some of Jesse's bike operas, and Jesse/Natalie Woods piece The Museum Of.

Selected Discography, Pieces, Performances, and Scores:

Bright Whistles: Homeward Bound (single)
Luke Williams: atongue[
Bright Whistles: Winter Brights Printed Whistles
It Lo: It Lo
Ben Swisher: Alphabet Memory feat. Logan Hone (single)

Logan Hone:
Variety Show (WALA) /// Sheet music is here.
Desert Magic: Dance of the Planets
Logan Hone: On Life Just Because (a living room opera) /// Sheet music is here.
FunCoffin: FunCoffin 2
Logan Hone: Matches /// Sheet music is here.
Lucky Dragons: The Spreading Ground

Logan Hone's Similar Fashion: self-titled (pfMentum) /// Sheet music is here.
Desert Magic: A Round the Sun
Bright Whistles: White Bristles
FunCoffin: self-titled
Hone/Williams/Wheeler: Live in North America (The Western Part)
Hone/Williams/Wheeler: Tour Album
WITHAM: Generative
The Industry: Hopscotch

Bat Manors: Literally Weird (string arrangements)

Jesse Quebbeman-Turley/Logan Hone: Hibernation
Logan Hone/Luke Swenson: Strawberries in the Hive /// Sheet music is here.
Logan Hone: With Strings
Bright Whistles: Live on January 25, 2013 /// Sheet music is here
Bright Whistles: Live on August 16, 2012
Deseret Experimental Opera: A Parking Lot for Hyacinths /// Sheet music is here.
Carl Cassette: Fair Date
Gothen: Gothen (string arrangements)

Bright Whistles: One/Two (Deerchild)
Bright Whistles: Songs EP
Body Glow: #2

Bright Whistles: Songs EP
Body Glow: Body Glow
Logan Hone: Klicka
Lake Mary: Sheep Dog EP

The Continentals: In a Circle With Our Closest Friends
Panda Vs Bear: MYN3
The Continentals: Rhino

The Continentals: Safety EP
Planet Russia: Tri-State Fair (unreleased)