Jan 17: Logan Hone Variety Show Band feat: Jake Sucher, Luke Williams, Taylor Thompson, & Jesse Q-T @ Old Towne Pub (Pasadena, CA)

Jan 20, 23, 24, 25: Jerry Paper Band quick California tour

Feb 14: Seattle Improvised Music Festival @ Vermillion (Seattle, WA)

Feb 15: Seattle Improvised Music Festival @ Cornish (Seattle, WA)

Feb 18 - Mar 2: Similar Fashion "Portrait of" Album Release West Coast Tour Dates TBA



Dec 26: Boxing Day Salon @ Blue Door . Groups include: 1. Trio with Hone (fretless banjo, singing), Asplund (viola), Jesse Q-T (drums, singing) 2. Trio with Hone, Lula Asplund (sax), Steven Stallings (drums). Melissa Heath/Christian Asplund duo. Greg + Thomas Campbell duo.

Dec 2: Similar Fashion @ Battery Books with GEM

Dec 1: Playing a suite by Jonny Stallings with GEM at Lorca Conference @ USC

Nov 18: Logan Hone Band (featuring Jake Sucher: guitar, Taylor Thompson: bass, Jesse Q-T: drums) @ The Resident w/Greg Uhlmann and Jacob Metcalf

Oct 27: Häxan with live scoring composed by Jesse Q-T. Performed by Jesse, Jonny Stallings, + me & then jamming with Pigimichi @ Diabolical Records for their album release show! (SLC, UT) Event page

Oct 22: Playing with DJ Ethos @ Habana in Costa Mesa

Oct 20: Playing with DJ Gingee @ Settebello in Marina Del Rey

Oct 15: Playing with Jerry Paper @ Desert Daze (Joshua Tree)

Oct 10: Monk Marathon with Christian Asplund, Greg Campbell, Troy Schiefelbein, and guests. We will be playing all of Monk's known compositions @ The Royal Room (Seattle, WA)

Oct 2: Playing with Molly Lewis Band @ Zebulon Facebook event

Oct 1: Playing flute @ Habana brunch(Costa Mesa, CA)

Sep 24: Duo with Caitlyn Conlin at SoundSpark Extravaganza (West Hollywood). This is a family event. Our performance is at noon. Lots of wonderful musicians playing this festival!

Sep 16: Playing with Jerry Paper @ Baby's All Right (NYC)

Sep 15: Playing with Jerry Paper @ Skidmore College (New York)

Sep 13: Playing with Jerry Paper @ Zebulon

Sep 12: Playing drums with Luke Williams Band @ All Star Bowling 4459 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles. W/Quartz + Wandering Lake

Aug 25: Love Contest (Duo with Sharon Kim) @ Rec Center w/Inward Creature (SF), California's Bellow, Herbert Walker. Facebook event

Aug 20: IT LO @ Bootleg Theater w/Chord Four + David Binney

Aug 18: IT LO @ Battery Books w/Caitlyn Conlin (w/ Kat Shuman and Alex Wand) (Pasadena, CA)

Aug 13-17: IT LO (It Foot It Ears (Jason Rabb + Nick Foster) + me) residency in Torrey, UT. Blog posts about this trip are here.

Aug 12: Christian Asplund/Stuart Wheeler/Melissa Heath/me @ Avant Basement in Provo, UT. Jonny Stallings Group is also playing.

Aug 11: Playing with Pigimichi @ Diabolical Records (SLC, UT)

Aug 8: Ceiling Dweller (me: singing, bass guitar, saxophone + Cody Putman: bassoon + Booker Stardrum: drums) @ ETA. Facebook event here

Aug 5: Love Contest (Logan Hone/Sharon Kim Duo) @ Underwolf at the Outhaus w/Laura Steenberge, Matt Barbier, and Doll Shack

Aug 4: Desert Magic @ FurstWurld in Joshua Tree

July 30: Playing smooth/screaming/whispering saxophone with Jerry Paper @ HM157

July 21: Bright Whistles @ The Press in Claremont

July 15: Playing drums with Jessicas and the Jetskis @ Fig Earth Supply

July 14: Solo set (Songs for voice, saxophone, pump organ, and fretless Stichter banjo) at Battery Books w/Ted Taforo

July 5: Ceiling Dweller (Me singing and playing bass, Cody Putman: bassoon, Booker Stardrum: drums) @ Rec Center (LA) w/Anxiety City (Anima Mundi EP Release), Banny Grove, Mush Pot, & Ness

Jun 27:
Similar Fashion @ Bootleg Theater w/Jonah Parzen-Johnson and Booker Stardrum

Jun 25: Duo with DJ Ethos @ Habana in Costa Mesa (brunch!)

Jun 23: Duo with DJ Ethos @ Settebello in Newport

Jun 10, 2017: Similar Fashion @ The Folly Bowl (Altadena)

Flowers on Loan Western US Tour:

(Owen Stewart-Robertson + Jesse Quebbeman-Turley + Logan Hone)
May 19: Oakland, CA @ Temescal Arts Center w/Vertebrate & D.E.J.J.
May 21: Pt Arena, CA @ 215 Main
May 22: Chico, CA 2pm Masterclass @ Chico High School & 8pm @ Naked Lounge w/SCOUT
May 23: Eugene, OR 2:30pm Masterclass @ Lane College & 8pm House Show w/Sen Wisher
May 24: Portland, OR @ Mothership Music w/Minnie Driver
May 25: Olympia, WA @ Voyeur w/Kaitlyn Smith & Sult/Smith Expedition
May 27: Seattle, WA: Gallery 1412 w/Hunter Gather & Haley Freedlund
May 28: Vancouver, BC @ Thor's Palace w/Streams
May 30: Boise, ID @ House show
May 31: Provo, UT @ Studio Studio Dada w/Stuart Wheeler
Jun 1: SLC, UT @ Diabolical Records w/Primitive Programme, Pigimichi, & Battery (LA)
Jun 3: Blue Diamond, NV @ Jam at the Barn Festival
Jun 4: Los Angeles, CA @ ETA with Joe Moffett/Corey Fogel Duo

May 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 17: Playing drums and woodwinds with Joshua Payne

May 14, 2017:
Similar Fashion
@ ETA (Highland Park) 8:30PM
Here is the Facebook event

May 12, 2017:
Similar Fashion
@ Angel City Jazz Lunchtime Series at The Farmers Market. 12PM
Here is the Facebook event

Apr 30, 2017: Joshua Payne Orchestra River Show with live visuals projected by Ryan Patrick Griffin

Apr 29, 2017: Duo with Caspar Sonnet @ Gnar Burger 6pm

Apr 22, 2017: Desert Magic in Joshua Tree

Apr 15, 2017: Hone/Van Betten/Williams @ Lot 1 w/Teton (pdx), Extended Skin Contact (ny) & Plasmic

Apr 12, 2017: Jesse QT presents a reimagining of Mauchaut (feat. Similar Fashion:: Lauren Baba: viola, Greg Uhlmann: guitar, Jesse: drums, me: saxophone, and Sharon Kim, Cari Stevens, Lauren Davis, Linnea Sablosky: vocals, and Luke Williams: moog bass) and The Shaggs (feat. Jesse: vocals, Jessica Li: vocals, Tim Young: guitar, Adriana Crespo: drums, me: drums) @ CalArts

Apr 9 & 10, 2017: Bright Whistles "Winter Brights Printed Whistles" (Bright Whistles plays a video game called ONWARD) @ Redcat Studio

Apr 3, 2017: Bright Whistles @ The HiHat with Banny Grove

Apr 1, 5, 6, 13, 17, 19, 20, 24, 26, 27: Playing drums & saxophone with Joshua Payne Orchestra @ Firefly, Mesa, this weird hotel in Orange County, and Settebello

Mar 31, 2017: Duo with Jesse Quebbeman-Turley

Mar 1, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31: Playing drums & saxophone with Joshua Payne Orchestra @ Firefly, Mesa, this weird hotel in Orange County, and Settebello

Mar 24, 2017: FunCoffin @ World Wood Day Festival @ 11AM

Mar 22, 2017: Logan Hone & Boxy Music, a new one time bash and trash kinetic singsong band with Brandon Seabrook, Luke Williams, and myself @ World Wood Day Festival @ 3PM

Mar 12-15, 2017: University of Reno Teaching and Playing Residency

Mar 7, 2017: Desert Magic @ Lot 1 and then I'm playing with Ted Byrnes+friends at The Smell (10pm)

Mar 5, 2017: FunCoffin (w/Christian Asplund, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, and Aaron McMurray) @ University of Utah, NOVA Chamber Series

Mar 2, 2017: Bright Whistles @ CalArts midnight show

Feb 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 17, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27 2017: Playing drums & saxophone with Joshua Payne Orchestra @ Firefly, Mesa, this weird hotel in Orange County, and Settebello every week

Feb 26, 2017: Playing with Desert Magic @ Namaste in Highland Park

Feb 21, 2017: Playing saxophone on THE LAST TWO songs of Landlady's set @ The Satellite

Jan 31, 2017: Bright Whistles @ (the) Handbag Factory (LA) w/Throwaway and [[[personablack]]]

Jan 30, 2017: Playing with Joshua Payne Orchestra @ Firefly in Studio City

Jan 22, 2017: SLC House Show. 2 trios: Stuart Wheeler+Pat Campbell+me & Devin Mitchell+Jonny Stallings+me

Jan 20 & 21, 2017: Playing with Joshua Payne Orchestra @ The Sundance Opening Gala & Eating Establishment in Park City, UT

Jan 11, 2017: Bright Whistles @ The Offbeat (LA) w/Kidi Band and Traps PS Jan 9, 2017: Playing with Joshua Payne Orchestra @ Firefly in Studio City

Jan 5, 2017: Bright Whistles @ The Bootleg Theater (LA) w/Wistappear and Avi Buffalo


Dec 29, 30, & 31: Joshua Payne Orchestra @ Bar X (SLC, UT)

Dec 26, 2016: Boxing Day Salon @ Avant GaRasement (Provo, UT)

Dec 18, 2016: Similar Fashion @ The Bootleg Theater w/Evil Genius and Josh Johnson (Presented by Angel City Jazz) Facebook event

Dec 16, 2016: Playing with Joshua Payne Orchestra @ Bar X in SLC, UT

Dec 9, 2016: Bright Whistles @ Gold Star Premium Entertainment Center (1142 E 11th St Los Angeles) w/Battery and Huddyglo

Dec 4, 2016: Bright Whistles @ Lot 1 w/Plum Professional (Album release)

Nov 23, 2016: Owen Stewart-Robertson/Logan Hone duo @ 1604

Nov 13, 2016: Caitlyn Conlin accomp by Logan Hone+Devin Mitchell @ All Star Lanes, Eagle Rock

Nov 9, 2016: SIMILAR FASHION @ The Offbeat w/Young Jesus(LA)

Oct 27, 2016: Solo show in LA @ 1604 Concert Series w/Alicia McDaid, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley

Oct 21 and 22: Desert Magic @ Digital Nature event at the LA Arboretum this weekend. 6-9pm Friday and Saturday

East Coast Solo Tour

Oct 9: New York (Trio with Christopher Hoffman and Booker Stardrum) @ Muchmore's w/Tamio Shiraishi & Tim Dahl, David Grollman & Emilie Lesbros, Patricio Jijon, Lindsey Weaving, and Michael Guardiola

Oct 10: Hamden, Connecticut @ The Space w/Greg Uhlmann, Kelly English, Krista Johnson, and Brett Phox

Oct 11: New Paltz, NY @ My Life in the Bush of Ghosts w/Greg Uhlmann, Brode-Luczak, If Bwana, and Jack Lynch

Oct 12: Baltimore, Maryland @ 5th Dimension w/Greg Uhlmann, Gardening Club, and Matt Sulivan+Anthony Peña

Oct 13: NYC @ Downtown Music Gallery w/Nate Wooley/Jeremiah Cymerman Duo

Oct 14: Middletown, CT @ MAC650 Gallery

Oct 15: New York @ Pine Box Rock Shop w/The Ghost, Brode-Dulberger-Masri, and Kevin Shea

Similar Fashion West Coast Tour

Sept 16: Las Vegas, NV @ The Dispensary Lounge
Sept 17: Provo, UT @ Avant GaRawge w/Christian Asplund/Stuart Wheeler & Gavin Ryan
Sept 18: SLC, UT @ Kilby Court w/it foot it ears, Angel Magic, and Muzzle Tung& afternoon show @ 12 Minutes Max (SLC Library Series)
Sept 19: University of Utah Masterclass @ 10:30am and Twin Falls, ID @ College of Southern Idaho
Sept 20: Boise, ID @ The Olympic Venue
Sept 21: Seattle, WA @ Hollow Earth Radio
Sept 22: Portland, OR @ Turn! Turn! Turn! w/Bonepocket and Mike Gamble
Sept 23: Portland, OR @ Waypost w/Kulululu & af
Sept 24: Arcata, CA @ The Sanctuary w/The Crenshaw & Choir of the Deep
Sept 25: Pt Arena, CA @ 215 Main
Sept 26: Berkeley, CA @ Berkeley Arts Festival w/Jordan Glenn's BEAK
Sept 27: Reno, NV @ Reno State University (The Rotunda)
Sept 30: Los Angeles, CA @ Basic Flowers w/Grape Room

Sept 6: Hone, Van Betten, Quebbeman-Turley (what a band name!) @ Basic Flowers, post show for Fourlark's Temptation of St Antony
Sept 1: Desert Magic @ Rosalind's w/Free Bleed and Kidi Band

Aug 18: 10am "Background music" performance @ Cafe Dumont, Mt Washington w/Andy Clausen, Greg Uhlmann, and JNQT

Aug 12: Desert Magic meditation @ Yogala

Aug 6, 13: Performing in "The Spreading Ground" by Lucky Dragons. Here is the Facebook event

July 31 5am!!! Solo set @ Pehrspace for the FINAL Pehrspace show. It's a 36 Hour Pehrathon!

July 30 Kimilar Fashion @ The Folly Bowl Sharon Kim: voice, Lauren Baba: viola, Greg Uhlmann: guitar, Logan Hone: bass guitar

June 28: Similar Fashion @ Blue Whale w/Corey Fogel+3

Desert Magic Southwest Tour

June 23: Phoenix @ The Lost Leaf
June 24: Alburquerque @ The Tannex
June 26: Las Vegas @ The Bunkhouse Saloon

June 19: New piece featuring Jessica Hemingway, JNQT, Steven VB, Mikey Yeda, Ryan Wieghard, Caitlyn Conlin, Ben Lev @ Ham and Eggs w/Aaron Novik and Alexander Noice Sextet

Logan Hone Solo + California's Bellow West Coast Tour

I will be singing songs with fretless banjo, saxophone, and all sorts of toys. Touring with new solo album called VARIETY SHOW
California's Bellow (LA): Los Angeles Not-Pop. Anticipating upcoming releases 'ysterical Popular Fantasyland' and 'Harri's Mix'.

May 29, 2016: San Diego @ Che Cafe

June 2: Joshua Tree @ The Saloon w/Ohioan

June 3: Joshua Tree @ The Saloon

June 4: Blue Diamond, NV @ Jam at the Barn Festival (Similar Fashion -1+2 will play)

June 5:Brunch @ Even Steven's Sandwiches

June 6: Provo, UT @ Writ and Vision w/Christian Asplund

June 7: SLC, UT @ Diabolical Records w/It Foot It Ears + Pigimichi

We are also playing a jazz dinner set at Even Steven's Sandwiches in Sugarhouse

June 8: Reno, NV @ Studio on 4th w/Nico's Mystery + Rob Ford Explorer

June 9: Nevada City, CA @ Foxhound

June 10: San Francisco, CA @ CAVE SHOW w/Owen Stewart-Robertson

June 11: Oakland, CA: Backyard Show w/Dirty Snacks (Album release!) + Jordan Glenn's Beak

June 12: Santa Cruz, CA: Afternoon show @ Art Bar w/Andrew Smith's 'How to Get There From Here'

June 13: Bakersfield, CA @ Dagny's Coffee w/Tommy Simmons

June 14: Los Angeles, CA (VARIETY SHOW ALBUM RELEASE) @ Werk w/Charmaine's Names + Emily Lacy

Desert Magic Quick California Tour

May 24, 2016: Oakland
May 25: Santa Cruz
May 26: Santa Barbara
May 27: Santa Barbara
May 31: Los Angeles @ The Satellite

May 18, 2016 Desert Magic @ "Desert Nights" at The Standard, Hollywood Here is a link to the facebook event

May 13, 2016: Desert Magic Meditation @ Yogala

May 11, 12, 13 @ Lyric Hyperion Theater w/Duo with Caitlyn Conlin

May 7, 2016 Similar Fashion// Dina Maccabee // MALL MALL // Evan Conway @ 1142 E 11th st Los Angeles CA 90021 Here is a link to the facebook event

May 1, 2016: Similar Fashion @ Open Gate Concert Series, Eagle Rock Center for the Performing Arts

Apr 24, 2016: "On Life Just Because" a living room opera by me. Performed by Sharon Kim, JNQT, Ryan, Ted, Garrett, Diego @ 1604 Concert Series

Apr 7, 2016: Similar Fashion @ The Smell w/Like a Villain (PDX)

Mar 25, 2016: Playing in Garrett Hickman's Patrice Leslie @ Zebulon Night Out @ Hyperion Tavern

Mar 15, 2016: Desert Magic House Show

Mar 13, 2016: Desert Magic @ House of Chords, Los Angeles

Mar 12, 2016: Similar Fashion @ Highland Park House Show (5940 Echo St) w/Bad Luck + Oort Smog

Mar 11, 2016: Desert Magic Meditation

Mar 5, 2016: Mari Mari Rock n Roll (Playing sax in Mari Mari for Ben Levinson's recital) @ CalArts

Mar 4, 2016: Ceiling Dweller (this time featuring Logan Hone, Ben Levinson, Booker Stardrum) @ The Airliner Nightclub

Feb 27, 2016: Playing saxophone in Patrice Leslie @ 1604 w/It Foot It Ears, Charmaine's Names, Perfect Center, Maday

Feb 27, 2016: MATCHES (New suite composed by Logan) @ the wulf. w/IT FOOT IT EARS

Feb 17, 2016: Similar Fashion @ 1604 Concert Series w/Nathaniel Morgan Group

Feb 7, 2016: Frozen Henchmen (Max Kutner, Stefan Kac, Logan Hone, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley) @ Open Gate Concert Series w/Alex Cline, Steuart Liebig, Wayne Peet, Eric Barber

Feb 3, 2016: Logan Hone's CEILING DWELLER (feat. Lauren Baba, Garrett Hickman, Booker Stardrum, and Jesse Quebbeman-Turley) plays on the EarMeal Live Webcast

Logan Hone's Similar Fashion West Coast Tour!
Jan 21: Bakersfield, CA: Dagny's
Jan 22: Oakland, CA: Studio Grand w/Weiner Kids
Jan 23: Arcata, CA: The Sanctuary w/Jonathan Kipp
Jan 24: Seattle, WA: Cafe Racer Cry & Roar 6
Jan 25: Portland, OR:House Show w/Tale in the Telling
Jan 26: Boise, ID: Ming Studios w/Scrivner/Stevens/Priddy
Jan 27: Provo, UT: Writ & Vision w/It Foot It Ears
Jan 28: Ephraim, UT: Snow College, Clinic + Concert
Jan 29: Las Vegas, NV: The Dispensary Lounge
Jan 30: Los Angeles, CA: Character Projects (Early show @ 4pm) 6042 Monte Vista St Los Angeles

Jan 2, 2016: Logan Hone Solo set (Karaoke) @ Diego's Party


Dec. 27, 2015: FunCoffin at Cherokee Salon, Provo, UT (Ghost Speech 4)

Desert Magic Winter Solstice Shows
Dec. 17 // Berkeley // La Peña

Dec. 18 // Santa Cruz // Tannery Arts Center

Dec. 19 // Downtown LA // OSSA w/ Polatropica

Dec. 20 // Lincoln Heights // ALBUM RELEASE SHOW @ Pieter!

Kerri Shak Recital
Dec 12, 2015 @ CalArts, Los Angeles, CA

PITY @ CalArts (Steven Feiler's Thesis Recital)
Dec 5, 2015

Logan Hone's Similar Fashion Record Release Show!
w/Chris Speed Quartet (Eyvind Kang, Jeff Parker, Matt Mayhall)
November 19, 2015 @ MorYork Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Hopscotch: Opera by The Industry
October 31, November 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 2015 @ Los Angeles, CA

soundSpark: Logan Hone
Saturday, December 5, 2015 noon-1pm @ West Hollywood Library, Los Angeles, CA

Klicka Pop
w/Cool bands at a bowling alley!
November 12, 2015 @ All Star Lanes, Los Angeles, CA

Selman Erguner: guitar, Logan Hone: saxophone, Rob Teehan: tuba, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley: drums
November 13, 2015 @ The Night Owl, Fullerton, CA @ 9:00pm

Vinny Golia Small Ensemble
November 6, 2015 Noon @ CalArts Valencia, CA

October 27, 2015: Vinny Golia and Graviton (Vinny Golia, Logan Hone, Stefan Kac, Ben Levinson, Josh Linsky) @ 1604 Concert Series, Los Angeles, CA

October 5, 2015: Anthony Shadduck Double Trio (with Alex Sadnik, Ted Byrnes, Corey Fogel, Zephyr Avalon, Logan Hone) @ Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA

October 8, 2015 @ Avant GaRawge, Provo, UT
Duo with Christian Asplund. Bad Luck is also playing.

October 15, 2015: Jack Rising (A puppet performance) @ Gawanus Art and Production, Brooklyn, NY

October 16, 2015: Logan Hone Group (Josh Sinton, Steven Van Betten, Mike Lockwood) @ Silvana, Harlem, NYC

Desert Magic Autumnal Equinox Tour:

Sept. 23rd, 9pm @ Ear Meal
A live performance on Alan Nakagawa's webcast. Streaming at http:// www.laartstream.com/

Sept. 24th, 8:15-9pm @ Namaste Yoga in Highland Park
"Using music and sound to connect to a higher state of consciousness is a common practice in most spiritual traditions. Ahata Nada Yoga “yoga of sound” is a powerful meditation technique to still the mind. Immerse yourself in the Desert Magic’s meditative music about nature and the cosmos, laying down or seated in a comfortable meditation pose."
http:// www.namastehighlandpark.com/

Sept. 26th, 8pm @ Linneae's in San Luis Obispo

Sept. 27th, 1pm @ Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles
Performing a short set for the "Songwriters At Play" event.http://sculpterra.com/ music/

Sept. 27th, 7pm @ Radius Gallery in Santa Cruz
w/ Apostacy and Laura Steenberge
"Indexical presents a night of renaissance and folk-influenced experimentalism from the trio Desert Magic, composer/performer Laura Steenberge, and Santa Cruz-based early music ensemble Apostasy. In addition to their own repertoire of pieces by Monteverdi, Machaut, and Tromboncino, Apostasy will perform a new work by Steenberge composed for the evening."
http://www.indexical.org/ events/ 2015-09-27-desert-magic-lau ra-steenberge-apostasy

September 2, 11am :Desert Magic @ Pop Up! Summer Concert Series

September 2: Desert Magic @ Pasadena Farmer's Market

WEST COAST TOUR with Logan Hone/Gregory Uhlmann Duo

September 2: Los Angeles, CA @ 1604 Concert Series
September 3: San Francisco, CA @ LSG Creative Music Series
September 4: Oakland, CA @ Berkeley Arts w/Sound Quartet (Aram Shelton, Mark Clifford, Safa Shokria, and Britt Ciampa)
September 5: Sacramento @ Gold Lion Arts

Velour Live Music Gallery (Provo, UT)
August 7, 2015 @ 7PM

FunCoffin (Album Release) with It Foot It Ears and Rockaways

Orchard House (Los Angeles, CA)
August 5, 2015 @ 7PM

Steven Van Betten's Crisper (Steven Van Betten, Garrett Hickman, Logan Hone, Paul Carter)


Che Cafe (San Diego, CA)
July 7, 2015 @ 7PM
PITY (Ben Levinson, Blake Caminos, Steven Feiler, Logan Hone)


Orchard House Show (134 S Ave 57, Los Angeles, CA)

July 3, 2015

Desert Magic w/ Raquel Bell, Diana Joy, and Fanny Paths


North Hollywood Library

June 21, 2015
Desert Magic Summer Solstice Release Show

Velour, Provo, UT

June 18, 2015
Bright Whistles Album Release "White Bristles"

Jam at the Barn Festival, Blue Diamond, NV

June 7, 2015
Performing with Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, Ice People, and Desert Magic

WEST COAST TOUR with Luke Williams and Stuart Wheeler

May 25: Bakersfield, CA (Dagnys Coffee)
May 26: Bay Area, CA (TBA)
May 27: Oakland, CA (VAMP)
May 28: Sacramento (Gold Lion Arts Center)
May 29: Portland (Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum)
May 30: Olympia, WA (Graeme Smith’s House)
May 31: Seattle, WA (Evan Woodle's House)
June 2: Boise, ID (Lock, Stock, and Barrel)
June 3: Salt Lake City, UT (House Show)


The Pop-Hop Gallery

March 28, 2015 @ 6:30PM

Logan Hone's " BFF Suite < > ": (Logan Hone: saxophone, Patrick Behnke: viola, Chris Foss: bassoon, Ben Finley: bass, Vineet Vyas: tabla)

CalArts B320, Valencia, CA
March 31, 2015 @ 8PM

Desert Magic: (Alex Wand, Steven Van Betten, Logan Hone)

With Powerdove and Corey Fogel


CalArts ROD, Valencia, CA

March 11, 2015 @ 8PM

Logan Hone Graduation Recital!!

Bright Whistles (LA edition): (Steven Van Betten, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, Jake Sucher, Ben Levinson, Logan Hone)

Logan Hone Large Ensemble: (Cari Stevens, Linnea Sablosky, Steven Van Betten, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, Ben Finley, Lauren Baba, Andrew Conrad, Stefan Kac, Andrew Rowan, Logan Hone)

Dagney's Coffee Co, Bakersfield, CA

February 28, 2015 @ 4PM
Kris Tiner Ensemble (Kris Tiner, Logan Hone, Keelan Dimick, Ben Levinson, Nick Hon)
and Michael Vlatkovich Quartet

CalArts B320, Valencia, CA
February 26, 2015 @ 8PM
Bright Whistles (LA Edition)

CalArts Main Lobby, Valencia, CA
February 24, 2015 @ 10PM
Ice People (Logan Hone, Stefan Kac, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley)

CalArts ROD, Valencia, CA
February 22, 2015 @ 2PM
Tyler Vander Mass Recital

CalArts ROD, Valencia, CA
February 21, 2015 @ 2PM
Zephyr Avalon Recital

CalArts ROD, Valencia, CA
February 18, 2015 @ 8PM
Sleepy ZZZ and the Loquats (Cooper Wolken, Jake Sucher, Ben Levinson, Logan Hone)

CalArts ROD, Valencia, CA
February 15, 2015 @ 8PM
Jordan Dykstra Recital

House Show Details TBA
February 13, 2015 @ 8PM
Logan Hone's Similar Fashion (Logan Hone, Lauren Baba, Greg Uhlmann, Mike Lockwood)

ExoSkeleton, Provo, UT


December 26, 2014 @ 8PM
Boxing Day Salon (Logan Hone, Christian Asplund, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, Stuart Wheeler, others TBA)

The Big Hole, Provo, UT
December 27, 2014 @ 8PM
Bright Whistles
and It Foot, It Ears

MorYork Gallery
December 6, 2014 @ 8PM
Logan Hone Quartet
and Grampus (Louis Lopez, Daniel Eaton, Michael Lockwood)

CalArts ROD
November 16, 2014
Tyler Vander Mass Recital

1604 House
November 15, 2014
Logan Hone Quartet

The Big Space
November 8, 2014
w/Abbey Lyons, Linnea Sablosky, Jake Sucher, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, Stuart Wheeler

Battery Books and Music
November 7, 2014
Bad Babies

Ham and Eggs Tavern
October 26, 2014
Joshua Payne Orchestra

Cool show don’t go to it 2
October 23, 2014
Sleepy ZZZ and the Loquats (Logan Hone, Jake Sucher, Cooper Wolken)

Panther Palace
October 10, 2014
Evan Montgomery’s Big Boy Band (Evan Montgomery, Logan Hone, Ben Tiberio, Efa Etoroma)

Avant Garawge
September 19, 2014
(with Christian Asplund and Stuart Wheeler)

Lot 1
September 16, 2014
Joshua Payne Orchestra

Frogtown Art Walk
September 13, 2014
Joshua Payne Orchestra

Cafe Nela
August 21, 2014
Pure Phantom Trio (Logan Hone, Alex Noice, Trevor Anderies)

Battery Books
August 15, 2014
Pure Phantom Trio (Logan Hone, Alex Noice, Trevor Anderies)


The Museum Of (Opera)
August 9, 2014
Presented by Deseret Experimental Opera Company

Avant Garawge
August 7, 2014
Logan Hone Curation (Logan Hone, Christian Asplund, Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, Stuart Wheeler, Luke Williams)


The Big Space
July 25, 2014
Love Contest (Logan Hone, Sharon Kim, Chris Foss, Rachel Ostler)

Curve Line Space
July 10, 2014
Logan Hone Quartet